Thursday, March 23, 2017

Threat Intelligence - An Adaptive Approach to Information Security - Free Consultation Available

Dear, blog, readers, as, of, today, I'm, making, publicly, available, my, portfolio, of, services, including, active, threat, intelligence, gathering, and, processing, cybercriminals, and, network, assets, profiling, real, life, personalization, of, malicious, actors, OSINT, analyses, in-depth, understanding, and, processing, of, tactics, techniques, and, procedures (TTPs), including, the, production, of, custom, timely, and, relevant, managed, or, on, demand, client-tailored, reports, and, analysis, briefs, covering, managed, security, blogging, and, conference, attendance, cybercrime, malware, botnets, and, threat, intelligence, including, the, coverage, of, geopolitically, relevant, cyber, threat, assessments.

The, portfolio, of, services, includes, but, is, not, limited, to:
Real-time, managed, or, on, demand, analysis, briefs, and, reports, production:
- analysis, briefs, and, timely, and, relevant, reports, covering, cybercrime, malware, botnets, and, threat, intelligence, including, but, not, limited, to, tactics, techniques, and, procedures (TTPs), real, life, personalization, of, cybercriminals, and, network, assets

Geopolitically, relevant, and, geographically, selected, threat, intelligence, processing, and, gathering, relevant, reports:
- geopolitically, relevant, coverage, of, selected, geographic, regions, covering, cybercrime, malware, botnets, and, threat, intelligence, including, but, limited, to, tactics, techniques, and, procedures (TTPs), real, life, personalization, of, cybercriminals, and, network assets

Managed, security, blogging, and, presentation, conference, attendance:
- threat, intelligence, processing, as, a, service, including, but, not, limited, to, the, managed, processing, and, communication, of, threat, intelligence, gathering, and, processing, information, in, the, form, of, managed, communication, to, a, selected, set, of, audiences, including, but, not, limited, to, security, blogging, and, conferences, attendance, on, behalf, of, a, selected, enterprise, further, positioning, its, understanding, and, reaching, out, to, selected, clients

Managed, tactics, techniques, and, procedures (TTPs), processing, managing, and, gathering, analysis, and, reports:
- in-depth, understanding, of, tactics, techniques, and, procesures (TTPs), relevant, to, a, specific, cybercrime, group, geopolitically, relevant, region, or, a, selected, geographically, relevant, region


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Book Proposal - Seeking Sponsorship - Publisher Contact

Dear, blog, readers, as, I'm, currently, busy, writing, a, book, I'm looking for, a publisher, who's, interested, in, publishing, it, with, the, book, proposal, available, on, request.

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Project Proposal - Cybercrime Research - Seeking Investment

Dear blog readers, I'm currently seeking an investment regarding a cybercrime research project, with, the, project, proposal, available, on request.

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Invitation to Join a Security Community

Dear blog readers, as I'm currently busy launching a private security community, I decided, to publicly announce, its, existence.

Topics of discussion:
- cybercrime research
- threat intelligence
- malicious software

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Dancho Danchev's 2010 Disappearance - An Elaboration

UPDATE: My, place, was, recently, visited, by, unknown, men, taking, me, to, local, police, department (hxxp://;, and, asking, me, to, write, that, my, equipment, was, interfering, with, that, of, local, police, department.

UPDATE: It, appears, that, someone, has, taken, the, time, and, effort, to, take, a, t-shirt, of, mine.

UPDATE: Prior, to, my, visit, at, a, local, hotel, (hxxp://;, some, of, my, clothes, were, missing.

UPDATE: It, appears, that, my, place, was, recently, supposedly, visited, by, Plamen, Dakov (hxxp://, Hristo, Radionov (hxxp://; hxxp://, and, Ivailo, Dochkov (hxxp://, who, left, money, for, me.

UPDATE: Prior, to, my, attendance, in, a, local, institution (, Ivailo, Dochkov (hxxp://, tried, to, meet, me.

UPDATE: Prior, to, my, attendance, at, this, particular, apartment, I, was, invited, by, Briana Papa (, to, visit, Prague, on, behalf, of, Avast! Software, where, I, met, with, Vince Steckler (, and, Miloslav, Korenko (, where, I, met, with, Lucian Constantin (hxxp://

Prior, to, my, attendance, at, this, apartment, I, was, also, invited, to, another, event, held, at, INTERPOL, by, Steve Santorelli
(, which, I, successfully, attended, and, presented, at.

Something, else, worth, pointing, out, is, that, my, place, is, visited, by, an, unknown, woman, known, as, Boriana Mihovska, an, unknown, man, known, as, Leonid, an, unknown, person, known, as, Tzvetan Georgiev (hxxp://; (hxxp://, and, an, unknown, person, known, as, Dobrin Danchev (hxxp://; (hxxp://

The, most, recent, visit, to, my, place, was, by, a, person, known, as, Vasil, Stanev, from DANS (, who, was, supposedly, asking, me, to, take, a, job, and, consequently, asked, me, to, attend, a, doctor, session.

Dear, blog, readers, I, feel, it's, about, time, I, post, an, honest, response, regarding, my, disappearance, in, 2010, with, the, purpose, of, information, my, readers, on, my, current, situation, and, to, continue, posting, and, contributing, valuable, threat, intelligence, to, the, security, community.

In, 2010, I, moved, to, an, apartment, located, in, another, town, and, apparently, my, apartment, have, been, vandalized, including, persistent, harassment, by, my, neighbors, including, a, possible, illegal, entry, courtesy, of, the, person, responsible, for, hiring, the, apartment (Kalin Petrov;

After, a, persistent, chase, down, and, harassment, courtesy, of, the, person, responsible, for, hiring, the, apartment, I, received, a, notice, to, leave, and, had, my, apartment, visited, by, the, person, responsible, for, hiring, including, another, man, including, another, man, that, was, supposedly, supposed, to, take, care, of, my, belongings.

Prior, to, my, accommodation, I, was, contacted, by, Pauline, Roberts (, who, recommended, me, to, Yavor, Kolev (, and, Albena, Spasova (, from, Bulgarian, local, authorities, followed, by, a, series, of, communication.

Prior, to, returning, to, my, place, in, 2011, my, house, was, vandalized, by, three, police, officers (hxxp://;, from, the, local, police, department, who, entered, my, house, in, particular, my, bedroom, and, unpolitely, asked, my, to, dress, while, showing, me, a, copy, of, my, personal, ID, that, I, haven't, presented, and, taking, me, to, an, unknown, car, without, explaining, the, reason, for, taking, me.

A, few, hours, later, I, find, myself, located, in, an, institution (, for, a, period, of, three, months, without, anyone, explaining, the, reason, for, holding, me, there. Upon, entering, I, had, my, phone, taken, without, having, received, any, sort, of, explanation, for, taking, me, and, holding, me, there.

Given, this, circumstances, I, feel, that, it, has, become, highly, unproductive, to, continue, my, work, and, therefore, I'm, currently, seeking, a, permanent, relocation, including, a, possible, full, time, career, opportunity, in, the, field, of, cybercrime, research, security, blogger, or, threat, intelligence, analyst.

I, can, be, reached, at +359 888 996 888, or, at,