Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cybercriminals Offer Fake/Fraudulent Press Documents Accreditation On Demand

In a cybercrime ecosystem, dominated by fraudulent market propositions, and new market entrants occupying new market segments on a daily basis, cybercriminals are perfectly positioned, to continue offering, commoditized underground market goods, such as, for instance, fake documents, for the purpose of generating fraudulent revenue, while empowering fellow cybercriminas, with the necessary tools to further commit fraudulent activities.

In this post, we'll, discuss a newly launched service, offering fake press accreditation documents, and discuss the overall relevance of the service, in the context of the underground marketplace's ongoing commoditization, basic market segmentation concepts, as well as newly applied concepts such as DIY (do-it-yourself) type of services, and basic OPSEC with QA (Quality Assurance) in mind.

The service is currently offering custom-made press accreditation documents for the Russian Federation, allowing potential cybercriminals the ability to access press-free zones, potentially commiting related fraudulent activities.

The price varies between $62 and $130 depending on the number of fake documents requested, including the option to request anonymous delivery of the fake documents.

Thanks to a vibrant DIY (do-it-yourself) custom-based type of fake documents generating market segment, cybercriminals, have also successfully managed to efficiently streamline the process of generating these documents, applying, both, basic OPSEC (Operational Security) measures in place, to ensure that they're perfectly positioned to reach to their targeted audience, while preserving a decent degree of their operational procedures, as well as Q&A (Quality Assurance) processes, to further ensure the quality of their underground market proposition.

We expect to continue observing a decent supply of segmented market propositions, targeting, both, novice and experienced cybercriminals, seeking to obtain fake documents, on their way to commit related fraudulent activities.

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